Project Proposal Documentation

Research for a game proposal, Samurai, Japanese history, culture, traditions and more.

In my blog, you will be able to find all of the research I did in the first semester of my 3rd year in Games Design & Art in the University of Southampton. I have decided to focus on the theme of Samurai and think of different game ideas about it.

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The lectures from the guest speakers this semester were more than amazing, not only because they shared their experiences and stories, but also helped me understand what the Game Industry looks like from actual experts. I was previously unsure what kind of job I would like to have in the future, but thanks to theirContinue reading “Reflection”

GDC Talks

In order to understand more about the gaming industry, I decided to look at some GDC Talks on YouTube. There were many different options, but I chose four of them to watch, because they included topics, that were interesting to me: Mental Health, Game Narrative, Level Design, Indie Studios Finances and Feudal Japan, which isContinue reading “GDC Talks”

University Talks and Lectures

Toby Milner-Gulland Creative Technologist at Moving Brands Labs. Works on research, development projects Technology as a creative tool Interested in application of games design processes and technologies in human computer interaction Started as a graphic designer, got into coding, software development and interactive design Gamification with playful and experimenting attitude; be careful with it, becauseContinue reading “University Talks and Lectures”


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